Property Owners

If you own a distinctive off-grid house or villa, or a property located in a pristine natural setting that offers a true disconnection experience, we extend an invitation to join Disconnect Holiday Houses, the industry’s premier property management agency. Here’s why affiliating with us is the ideal choice:

  1. Specific Channels: With our extensive marketing network and experience in the tourism industry, we can promote your property through specific channels that cater to clients interested in authentic disconnection and a life immersed in nature. We know how to reach the right audience to ensure effective visibility and consistent bookings.
  2. Exclusive Niche: Our agency specializes in properties that provide a genuine disconnect from the fast-paced world. Whether your property is off-grid, nestled in the heart of nature, or designed to offer an authentic escape, we cater to a specific clientele seeking these unique experiences.
  3. Low Commissions: We understand the importance of maximizing your earnings. Therefore, we offer competitive and transparent commissions. Our goal is to create a balanced partnership where both parties benefit from positive results.
  4. Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the tourism sector and in-depth knowledge of property management, our highly skilled team will take care of all aspects of managing your property. From promotion to booking management, maintenance to guest assistance, we excel at delivering a seamless and high-quality experience.
  5. Off-Grid Knowledge: If your property is off-grid or self-sufficient, we understand the unique considerations involved. Our team possesses the necessary knowledge to effectively manage such properties, ensuring a seamless experience for both property owners and guests.
  6. Multilingual Support: We recognize the importance of providing comprehensive and high-quality support to our international clients. Our multilingual team is capable of communicating with guests from around the world, ensuring personalized service and a barrier-free experience.
  7. Permaculture and Bio Construction Expertise: If your property is situated in a natural environment, we value the significance of permaculture and sustainable living. We can provide you with advice and support to implement ecological and sustainable practices in the management of your property, attracting guests who share this philosophy.
  8. Online Proficiency: We stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in online marketing and booking management. We can ensure a top-notch online presence for your property, utilizing the best strategies to maximize visibility and bookings.
  9. Sustainable Practices: We are committed to promoting sustainable living and environmental consciousness. If your property integrates eco-friendly features or practices, we highlight these aspects to attract like-minded guests who appreciate the harmony between nature and disconnection.

By choosing to affiliate with Disconnect Holiday Houses, you will receive the best all-around. We are passionate, knowledgeable, and determined to provide superior quality service. Entrust your property to experts and join us in offering your guests an unforgettable experience of disconnection, nature, and authenticity.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming part of our network of high-quality properties!

Services for Owners

  1. Booking Management: Handling booking management on behalf of property owners, including calendar management, booking confirmation, payment handling, and guest communication.
  2. Professional Cleaning: Ensuring thorough cleaning of holiday houses before each guest’s arrival and after their departure, providing a welcoming and hygienic environment.
  3. Guest Assistance: Providing dedicated guest assistance during their stay, answering questions, offering local advice, and resolving any issues or requests.
  4. Check-in and Check-out: Organizing and conducting seamless check-in and check-out processes, providing guests with all necessary information and ensuring a smooth experience upon arrival and departure.
  5. Additional Services: Offering additional services to enhance guests’ experience, such as breakfast service, daily cleaning service, bicycle or car rental service, booking of local activities, private chef service, transportation service, and more.
  6. Maintenance and Repairs: Coordinating and managing any necessary repairs or maintenance on the properties, ensuring everything functions properly during guests’ stay.
  7. Marketing and Promotion: Actively promoting properties through effective marketing strategies, such as online advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, and participation in tourism fairs or events.
  8. Professional Photography Service: Organizing professional photography services to capture the best images of the properties and showcase their appealing features to potential guests.
  9. Permaculture Consultancy: Providing consultation and support in designing and implementing sustainable practices, such as permaculture, to integrate ecological principles into property management.
  10. Translation and Multilingual Support: Offering professional translation services and multilingual support to effectively communicate with guests from different parts of the world.
  11. Channel Management Assistance: Supporting property owners in managing online booking channels, such as Airbnb,, or others, optimizing listings, handling reviews, and maximizing property visibility.
  12. Interior Design and Space Optimization Consultancy: Providing consultancy for interior design and space optimization to maximize the attractiveness and functionality of the properties.
  13. Bioclimatic Building Consultancy: Offering consultancy on bioclimatic building techniques and sustainable construction practices to optimize energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.